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Lost Tales

Talent: John Chukwudifu

This is an epic fantasy story set in the Magical Realm of Altheria. Our story begins in Miltrin; a little village in Altheria known as a sanctuary village and is home to Aurans (people/creatures with magic) and Nurans (People/creatures without magic).  An accident happened in the mines of Miltrin, releasing an ancient evil to the world.


Creator: Jared Joseph

If you’re a composer, director, arranger, or musician, Orchestrated is the world’s first orchestration app in your pocket for iOS. Did you forget the range of the Bb Trumpet and Baritone Saxophone again? With Orchestrated in your pocket, everything will be ” O.K.”! (Still in beta testing. If you’re in the circle, we’ll keep you updated when it hits the App Store.)


Born in New Jersey, Jay is a R&B/Neo-Soul artist who has worked with and met James Taylor, Sting, Justin Timberlake, Pink, and a few other well known artists. He has been lucky to be able to work with talented producers and artists all over the world. There are so many more exciting things to come. Follow!


Mysteriousless – After returning and taking over his father’s home, Jason Ryder reminisces over his father’s death, dedicating his life to finding out who the shooter was. Jason uncovers way more than he intended along the way, leading him to discover his second identity as Mysteriousless. Throughout his journey, Jason is joined by a few friends and companions along the way.

Talent: Jared Joseph

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